Jade Lash Tile
The Jade Lash Tile can be used as a palette for eyelash extension glue and eyelash extensions. Best to prevent accelerated drying during the lash application process. Jade Stone can be cleaned off with acetone after each use or soaked in acetone...
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Pink Marble Lash Tile
Acrylic material perfect for placing lash strips onto tile, for an easy hassle-free application process/
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Glam Tweezer Case
Beautiful glitter magnetic case to safely store your tweezers.  can hold up to multiple tweezers silver glitter color
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Royal Sable Mirror
beautiful classy antique handheld mirror  to use after application process to show off your beautiful work to your clients! comes In pink, rose gold, and black color
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Sweetie Tiles
1 piece.  This product is made out of acrylic  can be used as a platform for lash strips, and glue rings for a hassle-free application process.  
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